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Hermes Outlet is with 170 years of history, the French fashion brand, has now become the leather goods, clothing, scarves and other products, Home Furnishing luxury products manufacturers. Hermes Outlet witnessed in demand for luxury goods, the vigorous development of the tide of the times. This is a very popular brand, there are also some little known interesting knowledge, let us know Hermes Outlet from the other side to go.
The power of love
The first leather handbags Hermes Outlet brand is produced in 1922 by Hermes Outlet son Emile-Maurice himself. It was all because her wife complained that she had not found a handbag she liked all over Paris. This is the power of love.
Platinum hermes bag outlet and Kylie bag behind the push

Hermes Outlet Birkin and Kelly packets is one of the most representative two Hermes Outlet bag, respectively by Jane Hermes Outlet Birkin and Grace Kelly’s name. But only a few people know, Kelly package is not called Kelly. A Kelly package started in 1935 with the name “Sacade peches” was launched on the market, then in 1956 because of a famous photograph, Hermes Outlet decided to renamed this bag. That photo is the princess of Monaco with a Sacadepeches bag Grace Kelly hide his already pregnant belly. Hermes Outlet Birkin is the name of Jean-Louis Dumas and Jane Hermes Outlet Birkin on the plane to london.
The zipper is also called Hermes Outlet zipper?
In France, you will see an interesting phenomenon, here, the zipper is called fermeture Hermes Outlet (Hermes Outlet fasteners). This is because Emile-Maurice is France’s first to use the zipper in fashion. He was granted exclusive agency in 1918 and was the first to use a zipper on Prince Edward Welsh’s golf jacket.
Orange packaging is just an accident
The orange box Hermes Outlet has become a symbol of the family, but in fact did not start this. The box itself is cream colored, with gilt edging, instead of orange with brown edging. The first orange box appeared after World War II, when the fashion brands began to face the shortage of raw materials, so technically, the orange folding box is more convenient. I did not expect this to be a breakthrough, from the orange box has become one of the symbol of hermes Australia

Window is the soul
If there is what is the most essential but Hermes, may be the most neglected, it should be the window. All over the world every home Hermes Outlet boutique will be equipped with a unique concept window. Here you can display a number of links with the local characteristics of the brand links.
You will set fire to a value of 100 thousand pounds of Hermes Outlet crocodile Hermes Outlet Birkin ? Hollywood star Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca model recently due to a group of records burned Hermes Outlet Birkin package photos and set off a burst of noise, and she just want to please the doings of their photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields.
Photographer Tyler Shields to record a series of works and to destroy luxury fashion, anti money theme but little known, and his personal style is doomed to the Hermes Outlet Birkin package will be his next victim and accept the infernal torment.
“We’re just talking about the package,” Tyler said. “It’s not like the cheap shopping bag you usually go to the supermarket. It’s full of all the dirty stuff.”
If you really curious about a Hermes Outlet Birkin package is to be destroyed, can look at the photographer Tyler Shields’s website, but some people may see the photos on your psychological caused no small blow.
I know more than one woman who can kill a Hermes Outlet Birkin pack, and if it’s a crocodile Hermes Outlet Birkin , it can start the holocaust. One of them told me that she only bought this bag. Another said that she wanted to collect all the money in the bag, from antiques to. Another one, at home, a room dedicated to her Hermes Outlet Birkin . I had asked them whether they like the music of Jane Hermes Outlet Birkin , they are:
“Who” and one asked me who is more famous than Hermes Outlet Birkin and Na Ying?.
Because of my lack of understanding of this behavior, I often ask why they are so crazy to follow a package.
“This package will rise, I am the investment.” One such explanation.
This sentence can be mad at all Beijing financial planner, but as long as after Hermes Outlet Birkin enough people, China stock market more slim, perhaps buy Hermes Outlet Birkin really than to find a financial planner is a hedge, better of course, the premise is to buy on your next.
“I like it, that’s it.” The woman who says this word has more than and 40 Hermes Outlet Birkin bags.
Hermes Outlet handbags series Hermes Outlet Birkin (Hermes) in the past 35 years, the average annual rise of 14.2%, 8.7% outperformed the S & P 500 index of average, while the annual average of 1.5% or more is gold.
Standard & Poor’s 500 index in 2008, the worst performance in the year fell by 36.6%, but the worst performance of the year Hermes Outlet Birkin still has a return of 2.1%. Hermes Outlet Birkin series is a limited product, loved by the stars, each worth 60 thousand to $200 thousand (about $1 million 316 thousand to $395 thousand) range, due to the extremely rare handbags, now ordered to be goods after only 6 years. Internship editor: Hu Xuemei review: Tan Liya)

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